Do you have a question?Ask Ted E Bear

Mr Ted E Bear is a workshop mascot a bench saddle he is made of hair on cow hide and is a traditional 1908 pattern bear he carries a working tool kit and saddlers clams. He was made for the society of master saddlers competition

What tack is correct for ridden showing?


How do I measure a bridle?

Begin by putting a bridle on the horse with the bit that you would like to use. Ideally all buckles should be on the middle hole and level with the eyes .The cheek and head of the noseband should lay approx a fingers width away from the cheek bone and the brow-band should lie comfortably below the base of the ear Take note of where things should lie and any alterations take off the bridle lay the pieces flat and measure them record them onto our measuring chart and if it is an order for a bridle email or post it to us.


What is the difference between a saddler and a saddle fitter?

A saddler has been trained to make, flock and check, a saddle for condition and safety, carry out repairs to a safe and high standard. And make new items. The society of master saddlers have a rigorous training and apprenticeship program and the saddler can then specialise in either saddles bridlework or harness this is shown on the society of master saddlers website by the icons shown against the person’s name a saddler has not been trained to necessarily fit saddles .

A saddle fitter is a title that anybody can use whether or not they have had a formal training. To call themselves a qualified saddle fitter they must have undergone a foundation saddle fitting course with the society of master saddlers and then follow a course of training lasting three years with an exam at the end they then have to go on a refresher every two years. The persons name will then apear on the list of qualified saddle fitters on the society website. A saddle fitter is trained to fit a saddle to an animal but not to repair or reflock a saddle they can only make minor adjustments anything more needs to be done by a qualified saddler. Some manufactures have their own fitting programs this does not mean that the individual is a qualified saddle fitter they may only call themselves a (name of manufacturer) fitter. To use a society saddler or fitter you know that they have been trained properly and are correctly insured