Saddle Fitting


All of our saddle fitting is carried out by our qualified society of master saddlers’ saddle fitter with the ultimate aim to find the perfect fit for both horse and rider for whichever discipline and level they require.

When a fitting takes place a safe place to work and ride is required so that both the rider and the horse or pony can be assessed for the suitability of each saddle selected. A full set of notes templates and photographs would be taken at this time, so that any changes in the horse’s condition or shape may be monitored it is important that the important that the fitter is advised of any known injuries or medical conditions of both horse and rider as this may affect the fit of a saddle.
When a fitting is taking place it is advised that the handler and rider are equipped with the appropriate protective equipment.

Bearhouse Saddle Fitting Form

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Emailing photo’s of your horse.

It helps us when you make your apointment, If you can take three photo’s of your horse, and email them to us, The photos needed are one each from the left and right with your horse standing sqare and one taken from behind ,taken along your horses back towards it’s withers so that we have a record of the shape and symetry of both the back and the shoulders.