Terms and conditions

The title of all goods shall remain with Bearhouse saddlery ltd until paid for in full.

Returns are within 7 days unless agreed otherwise and are accepted for manufacturing faults only. Returns will be for exchange or credit note no cash refunds are given

There is no money back offer on saddles ordered or purchased directly from the shop or online where the fitting service has not been used, as it is deemed that the customer has used their own judgment in making their purchase.

On saddles fitted by the company the following is offered and issued with terms and conditions of purchase.

1) Saddle issue up to 7 days from purchase – replace or full refund.

2) Saddle issue up to 1 month – offer to re-assess free of charge. If the customer is not
happy, fit alternative saddle or last case scenario to offer refund to full value, subject to a
15% usage charge if heavily used (in practice this is hardly ever used).

3) Saddle issue 3 to 6 months from purchase – offer to re-assess and re-fit, but charges and
mileage apply, change saddle or refund is less 20 – 30% dependant on condition.

4) Saddle issue 6 to 12 months from purchase – offer to re-assess and re-fit, but charges and
mileage apply. Refund is less 30 – 50% dependant on condition.

5) For any issue after 12 months – re-assess charges apply, re-fit and offer part exchange or
sell saddle on commission – unlikely to refund.

By issue it is meant complaint and not regular saddle checks as advised at the time of purchase.

The sale of a second hand saddle is as follows the saddle must have been checked by one of our Master Saddlers and be deemed in a sound and safe condition the saddles are taken for a six month period when it will be at our discretion for the period to be extended. The sale will be charged at a rate of 20% of the final sale price and paid to the vendor once any funds have cleared.